Brand Typography

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Typography Embellishment

A Purple-100 highlight can be added behind purple-700 text to emphasize text inline

A purple-300 hand-drawn line can be added beneath H1 text to emphasize text in headline copy

Hand Lettering

We use one of two custom hand-lettered fonts as part of our brand. CIO-Caps and CIO-Standard. These fonts are never to be used as the primary font. They should be used sparingly as an accessory to either Roboto or Poppins. With few exceptions, it is safe to assume that these will either be styled in ink-900 or purple-700 against a contrasting background.

Currently, you will find these fonts used on the Marketing Site as metrics or on our instagram account


Download CIO-Caps


Download CIO-Standard

Sentence case preferred

When formatting headlines, we don't have an established system but we are leaning in the direction of using sentence case rather than title case.

Never use Purple-500 for text!

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