Logo and Logotype

Follow these guidelines when using our logo. Have questions? Talk to Khari at khari@customer.io.


In the technical and often cold world of automated messaging, we've brought our logo back to what matters most to a successful messaging strategy: the people.

The logo represents a joyous CIO customer, raising their arms in triumph after successfully implementing a complex and individualized messaging strategy. The logo also reflects the joy of the end user, who has received valuable messaging instead of blasted spam. The feeling of success/triumph between these two people, and the resulting positive relationship, is the purpose of using CIO.

The rounded edges of the 'arms' give the logo a modern look, which is reflected in the typeface of the logomark (notice the r and t).


The logo uses the primary purple (purple-500) and the secondary palette (teal-500, plum-500, and yellow-500). We also use monochromatic versions in white and ink-900.

The logotype can be in white or ink-900, depending on the color of the background.

See more about color here.


We've carefully determined these versions, so please don't create a new version without consulting the design team. Don't change: colors, overlays, shadows, or spacing. Don't distort.

Default logo.


You can find logo assets in Google Drive. These are only available to people with access to the team drive.

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