App Frame

The app frame provides global and workspace-level context and navigation. We have three versions of the frame: default, collapsed navigation, and fullscreen.

1. Workspace dropdown

The workspace dropdown helps users switch between instances of CIO, most commonly used for test and production spaces.

2. Help, Notifications, and Personal Settings

The help dropdown contains access to documentation and ways to contact support and leave feedback. In addition, some pages have contextual help that takes the user directly to the related documentation.

The notifications dropdown contains two types of notifications:

  1. What's new - shows the most recent feature addition.

  2. Tasks - Important updates about task completion.

The person and company dropdown starts with the user's name, company, and company logo. In the dropdown the user can find:

  1. Personal settings: Allows the user to edit name, email address, permissions, and 2FA.

  2. Account settings: account, workspaces, api credentials, security, team members, plan & payment, and billing.

  3. Log out

3. Side navigation

The side navigation gives access to all workspace-level pages and is divided between messages, people, data, and content. Workspace settings include all settings that only affect that workspace.

The footer contains the app version, logo, and a friendly reminder of y'all.

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