Change log

September, 2022

Added landing page

June, 2022

Updated page descriptions with accountable person

Updated App Frame & Page Content to remove old screenshots

Added Keyboard Shortcuts

January, 2022

Added Design Strategy

Adding more brand direction

April, 2021

Updated Iconography and Illustration.

Added Brand Story

January, 2021

Add more tips for writing and editing to Copy.

Added Standards page to Design Direction.

July, 2020

Updated product principles.

March, 2020

Added visual examples and update color recommendations for Data Visualization.

December, 2019

Added more tips for editing to Copy.

November, 2019

Added tips for writing and editing to Copy.

August, 2019

Added a color usage section with examples to Colors.

August, 2019

Updated accessible combinations for all colors.

July, 2019

Added 700 levels for Blue, Yellow, Plum, Teal, Raspberry, and Clementine.

July, 2019

Added a change log to keep track of significant system changes.

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